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Graphic Design Services

Sunny Spot Studio specializes in providing graphic design services such as logos and branding, custom artwork and illustration, product design, packaging, and more!


Here is a sampling of my branding and design work. To view more of my portfolio, or to discuss your design needs, please contact me here. I look forward to working with you!

The Graceful Rabbit​

Branding, Illustration, Packaging Design, Graphic Design

photography © The Graceful Rabbit

Mood Food

Branding, Packaging Design, Graphic Design

KR Staging & Redesign

Branding, Graphic Design

White Orchid Day Spa

Branding, Graphic Design

Exhalations Yoga

Branding, Graphic Design

Blue Aura Face & Body

Branding, Graphic Design

Holistic One Life Coaching

Branding, Graphic Design

You may also visit my Behance site to see more of my design and illustration portfolio. 


Working with Anne was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. She exceeded my expectations!

It was nice to have a designer who listened to my ideas and brought it to life in a way I didn't think was possible. 

The design she created for my product labels was cohesive, elegant and has increased my sales. 

I look forward to working with her on my next project.  -Belinda

Anne Lehman, Owner of Sunny Spot Studio, did so much more than design an eye appealing logo, business card and branding for my new business. After taking the time to work collaboratively and gather ideas and inspiration, she knew precisely how to integrate the best choice for color and design. Anne made sure that my logo design attracts the intended clients for my business. I have no doubt that my business is flourishing due to her talent and expertise. 

I can attest to her ability to manage tasks with ease and positivity all while working on a creative design plan from start to finish. Great marketing is the first way to capture a client’s eye and interest. Anne’s graphic design work combined with her expert marketing sense, undoubtedly enhanced my new business venture. Anne’s professionalism and design skills are invaluable!  -Karen

I love working with Anne! In addition to being quick and thoughtful about the approach to design, she gives me options to choose from and checks in as far as direction goes before she works on all versions of labels or collateral. I am so proud of my branding and receive compliments all the time. - Linda


Anne is such a pleasure to collaborate with and working with her on various projects has been a very positive and rewarding experience. Between her meticulous attention to detail, her keen ability to truly listen to your visions, and her impeccable time management skills, Anne is a professional I highly recommend for your projects or business. As a professional yoga teacher, I have experienced trials and errors with my small business branding and Anne has helped me in the beginning, through the transitions and currently supports me and my brand. I can confidently say Anne has my best interests in mind and I will continue to turn to her for my business needs. - Dannika

When I started my own consulting business I needed help with a logo, colors, and fonts to reflect my brand in the most professional way. Anne walked me through the branding process, and refined images to create my final logo (I even sent her a photo of a pattern on a bedspread as inspiration!). I received a branding sheet and a whole template package from Anne and it included everything I needed for my work. I use Anne's work in every proposal and presentation to my clients!


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